Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring beyond the obvious

In our endeavour to nurture and support the neighbourhood, we at SAPTAGIR, make a concerted effort through employment generation programmes, supporting education and healthcare of the underprivileged, and afforestation initiatives for sustainability. In light of these, we have also partnered with various organisations to achieve our societal goals.

Our CSR Initiatives


Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) Hospitals

AIG is a hospital that was established in order to research gastroenterology related diseases, produce specialists and provide patient care. SAPTAGIR LABORATORIES financially supports AIG in their endeavour to produce cutting-edge medical research that will help many people in the near future.

Heal-a-Child foundation

Heal-a-Child foundation is a Charitable trust & Non-Profit Organization. It was founded with the intention to provide free medical treatment to impoverished and ailing children who require serious medical care and have nowhere else to turn. SAPTAGIR LABORATORIES is a major sponsor of this foundation and supports them in attaining their goals.

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